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Who We Are

sample image Jane Hughes, President and Mortgage Loan Officer at International Mortgage, has a wide variety of quality mortgage products and the experience to help homebuyers make the right choice. Jane has more than 30 years as an independent mortgage broker with 26 of those years in Effingham County.
A Word From Jane:
"I pride myself with the personal and courteous service I give each client.  I make certain that I'm providing the most accurate information. There's plenty of money for credit worthy, employed borrowers, and with housing prices as low as they are and interest rates this low, it is definitely a buyer's market."

What is a Mortgage Broker

sample imageA broker counsels potential customers on the loans available from different lenders. They also counsel on any problems involved in qualifying for a loan, including credit problems they take the borrower's application, and then process the loan. Processing includes compiling the file of information about the transaction, including the credit report, appraisal, verification of income, employment and assets, and so on. When the file is complete, it is handed off to the lender, who underwrites and funds the loan.
We're a mortgage brokerage business based in Rincon, Georgia committed to bringing you genuine information of value on home buying and home refinancing.  This site is set up to navigate easily and covers virtually all aspects of the home loan process.  We give you the tools you need to easily understand and compare home financing and refinancing options.


Want to find out how much you can afford, what your payments might be, or whether you should rent or buy?  Run the numbers and then make an educated decision.

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Why Choose a Mortgage Broker

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The main advantage of a utilizing a broker is that we can shop among hundreds of competing lenders on a daily basis. Lenders price loans based on supply and demand. Some weeks, lenders might have fantastic rates, only to raise them shortly thereafter to slow down the volume. It happens all the time.

So lenders are constantly "in and out of the game" depending on market dynamics. In addition, lenders are constantly changing their guidelines to offer more innovative and streamlined loan structures and products. Dealing with only one lender may limit your ability to qualify; cost you time, and get you a higher rate than you should be paying.

Loans Offered

Conforming ( < $417,000 )
Jumbo ( > $417,000 )
First Time Home Buyer