No Ratio Mortgage Program for International Real Estate Investors

Sep 18, 2023, a leading international mortgage brokerage, has introduced a new Mortgage Loan Program that allows real estate investors to qualify using no ratio underwriting. This program caters specifically to non-resident investors seeking U.S. mortgage financing. It offers both fixed and adjustable rate mortgages (ARM), competitive rates, high loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, and loan amounts of up to $5 million.

One of the unique aspects of’s new No Ratio mortgage program is that borrowers are not required to provide personal income documentation or rental income. Unlike conventional or standard non-QM mortgage loans, which rely on tax returns, pay statements, or rental income to assess income, our no-ratio mortgage program considers a borrower’s credit and overall financial profile. This makes it particularly appealing to self-employed borrowers who prefer relaxed documentation requirements.

While rental rates have been increasing at a faster pace than mortgage interest rates, many borrowers face challenges in qualifying for loans based on the projected rental income of the property using the standard Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) formula. In such cases, our No-Ratio loan provides a quick, viable, and aggressive loan option.

We continuously strive to curate the best U.S. mortgage loan options for our global clients. Our ability to adapt quickly to market changes has helped us maintain our position as the leader in U.S. mortgage financing for foreign national and U.S. expat investors.

Some of the key benefits of our no-ratio mortgage program include an aggressive loan-to-value ratio (LTV) of up to 80% for both foreign nationals and U.S. expats, no tax returns or income verification required, no U.S. credit history necessary, acceptance of foreign passports, availability for investment properties only, loans up to $5,000,000 (or higher in certain cases), availability in all 50 states, no restrictions on cash-out financing, interest-only terms available, and approval within 72 hours.

For more information on our No-Ratio U.S. Mortgage loan program, please feel free to contact us.