U.S. Expat

Let InternationalMortgage.com help you earn a customer for life by assisting an Expat borrower with their first home purchase in the U.S.!

For years we have offered financing for borrowers with no credit scores, Work Visas, Treaty and other Visas, Green Cards, DACA, Student Visas with OPT or CPT authorization / EAD cards.

With approximately 140,000 yearly employment based visas issued, not including other forms of work authorization, be sure you aren’t missing out on your share of this market!

Program Details:

  •  Loan amounts from $100,000 up to $5,000,000
  •  No US credit report or credit score required
  •  Lending in all 50 states
  • Foreign assets may be used for down payment and reserves
  • Limited or no employment history considered
  • All collateral types allowed including Non-warrantable Condos, Co-ops, and Condotels, Hobby Farms, and unique properties
  • TBD pre-approvals offered using only an offer or transfer letter
  • Rush closings offered– we save loans!


Contact us today for a quick overview of the program.